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Lightweight reacher/dressing stick features a small C-hook at one end and a large, plastic-coated push/pull hook at the other. Both 18" and 24" models have a plastic coated "S" hook at one end RTL2030 has a small "C" hook on the other ; Can be used for both pulling on and pushing off clothes …An aluminum oxide dressing stick in any grit size can work well on diamond profile wheels. Latex free. Can …The DressEZ Dressing Stick is a long-handle shoehorn and helpful dressing aid. This model measures 27-1/2 in. Product Description. View All . (46cm) dressing stick weighs 3oz. Homecraft Dressing Stick. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. While other 3M dressing tools use diamond mineral, these two synthetic minerals are uniquely suited to tackle superabrasive wheels. More Details The 27 in. The aluminum oxide dressing stick is commonly used on cubic boron nitride (CBN) wheels and the silicon carbide dressing stick is typically used on diamond wheels. Starting at $11. With the 24"L stick, the user doesn't have to bend forward to take shoes on or off. you can apply this method to coats or jackets as well. Each piece measures 14-1/2 in. If the tongue of the shoe slid down, use the reacher to pull it up. 2. Thread the dressing stick into a sleeve of your shirt then pull up and over your shoulder. Call ValuPlus Today: (509)663-8772. UPC # 50779709020323. . They help people Dressing Stick. Length 6 inches, width 1 inch, thickness 1 inch, grit 24 and colour black. Bath and Scrub Sponges $ 8. A push-pull S-hook has a non-slip cap for better control and slides safely along the skin. Silicone carbide vitrified dressing stick is a finer grit dressing sticks which is used for dressing diamond wheels. This wooden stick with rubber tip at one end and special double wire hook at the other, is used to pull on or push off garments that cannot be reached easily e. To remove The Dressing Stick makes dressing and retrieving items easier for those with limited range of motion. Check …Dressing Stick Fully Adjustable for Long Lengths up to 28. i. Hook the dressing stick through the belt loop at the front of your pants. Shaft measures 26 in. Abrasive Material. One end has a plastic "S" hook, the other a long-handled shoehorn. Previously Purchased . In Home / Our Products / Product Catalogue / Daily Living Aids / Homecraft Dressing Stick. Padded Dressing Stick 30 (2034) CA $37. ca: Health & Personal CareDressing Aids are equipments that are used to perform everyday activities like wearing coats or shirts, pulling on trousers or skirts, removing socks, etc. Weighs less than five oz. (37cm) when the stick is collapsed. Lower the clothing to the floor. 24 Select options. 95 Provides assistance with putting on clothing such as jackets and shirts. Length 520mm (21 Dressing Kit (5045) Dressing Kit includes each of the following: 2040  - Jockey Shoehorn RTL2030 - Dressing Stick IN2020 - Buttonhook 3/8" 2021 - Buttonhook 5/8" 2022 - Buttonhook 3/4" Add to Cart. Grainger stocks diamond dressing sticks in a broad scope of grits ranging from super fine to extra coarse. ) 4. if you have trouble zipping up you can use the hook end of the dressing stick to assist with pulling up the zipper. Related products. ca. Put your foot in. long. Or place the hook inside the front of the waistband (for pants, skirt or underwear). Bath Safety; Manual Wheelchairs/ Walkers; Aids for Daily Living; Orthopedic Bracing; Power Scooter/Wheelchairs; Ramps; Lift Chairs; Bedroom Safety; Shop All Products; Search for: Home; …Dressing stick You can use a dressing stick to dress the lower part of your body: 1. View more View less. Has a small hook to pull zippers and help with shoelaces. Filter . Drive Devilbiss. socks. (142g), and the 18 in. Deluxe model has a built-up foam grip on its shaft. One end …dressing stick: An assistive device designed to permit independent dressing by persons with limited range of motion. Item # RTL2032. SDS SDS; SDS Document Not Found. Share this: View Product Options Close Product Options . Padded Dressing Stick 30 (2034) (4185) Dressing stick and shoehorn in one. The Dressing Stick assists with dressing and undressing and is 27 inches long. Dressing sticks play a vital role and reduce the extent to which the user is required to stretch. We create this dressing Dressing Stick is essential for anyone who has difficulty bending, a limited range of movement, or the use of only one arm or hand. Quantity. Stand, and pull your pants up. (70cm) long. (69cm) dressing stick weighs less than 5oz. Add to Cart Quick view. FEATURES/BENEFITS. Use the long handled shoehorn to hold up the back of your shoe as you slip your foot in. The shaft flexes to prevent breakage, and hasThe dressing stick can also assist in putting on and removing a button-up shirt or coat. This unique dressing sticks make pulling and pushing clothing items onto or off of your body easier, enhancing your independence by reducing the need to stretch, bend, and reach. This product is non-returnable due to hygiene reasons. Remove Boron Nitride ; Search within results . Product Size. SIGN IN TO VIEW PRICE. They are ideal for those people who have limited flexibility and face difficulty in bending down or reaching their shoulders. Pull the clothing up so you can reach it with your hand. (85g). Repeat the same to the other side. Use the hooks to draw the pants up until you are able to reach with your own hands. CATALOGUE PAGE # 577. Add to Wishlist. g. 5 . Dressing Stick An economical device to assist with dressing. Nose Cut-Out Tumblers $ 7. AC369 24” (60cm) AC370 30” (76cm) Non-Returnable Item. Applied Filters Clear All . Synonym: dressing wandDressing stick and shoehorn in one. View Previously Purchased Products; Branch Availability . 3. Helps with the removing of socks and other footwear. (For skirts, put both feet in. Call; Directions; Home; About; Contact; Product Categories. 69. For assistance please contact our SDS Coordinator by telephone at 1-780-453-0359 or by email at msds@agi. The handle is covered in soft closed cell foam for easy gripping. 5" - Makes Putting On and Taking Off Clothing Easier, Home Health Aids: Amazon. The 18" wood shaft has a plastic coated 'S' hook at one end and a small 'C' hook on the other. A convenient Collapsible Dressing Stick also is available. 2019-03-29 · Use the dressing stick to help thread each leg into your pants. Skip to content. Product Details. Description. Dressing Stick has a plastic coated combination hook/pusher assists in putting on Dressing Stick. 35 Select …The dressing stick comes in two minerals: aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. Eases the difficulty of pulling up pants and skirts. SKU: DL1AUS-AA4680 Categories: Daily Living Aids, Dressing

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