Nacho fries review

Depending on how you order them, the fries …Nacho Fries are your standard fast food style of French fries flavored with Mexican seasoning and served with a side of warm nacho cheese. These are NACHO FRIES. The most-anticipated . 49) and Bell Grande ($3. After a year of harsh politics and compromised celebrity heroes, perhaps millenials were looking for a savior. Tacos and fries go together like fries and queso — surprisingly well. The $1 portion is about the amount of fries you’d get in a typical small fry order so the price is just right…. I also grabbed the Nacho Fries Supreme, which consists of the new fries topped with seasoned beef, sour cream, nacho cheese, and tomatoes for $2. 00 a la carte option for a limited time only. It comes with a nice portion of shredded chicken and the usual accouterments, such as pico de gallo, reduced fat sour cream, and nacho cheese sauce over Taco Bell’s seasoned fries. 49. They are priced starting at the pictured $1. But not just any old standard-issue fry. plus you get the bonus of nacho cheese as a dipper 2018-01-25 · That’s right. The item comes with the optional add-ons of, among other things, chicken and seasoned fries, which reminded Taco Bell's Nacho Fries feature lightly battered French fries sprinkled with "bold Mexican seasoning," served with a cup of warm nacho cheese sauce for dipping. Nacho fries are coming back to Taco Bell on January 30, and this time there's a new twist. That's why fans will be cheering 2018-01-25 · The now-available $1 Nacho Fries are like regular fries except that they're dusted with what Taco Bell has dubbed, Mexican seasoning. From the press release: “From the menu brand who brought you the Naked Chicken Chalupa and Crunchwrap Supreme, comes Nacho Fries, set to make their debut in restaurants nationwide for just $1. Based on the initial reviews I saw over the past two days one would assume that Taco Bell both created the best fast food french fry and also restored balance to war between good and evil. 49) variations. As unpopular as this is going to be, Taco Bell Nacho Fries are not it. Outright, the clear-cut “winner winner, Buffalo chicken dinner” is the fantastic Buffalo Chicken Nacho Fries. An order cost me $1. 2018-01-31 · In a surprising twist of fate, besides the one buck incarnation of these Nacho Fries, the Bell is also offering them in Supreme ($2. While it’s a completely I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Nacho Fries at a self-serve kiosk at my nearby Taco Bell. French fries have (finally?) come to Taco Bell. Both use said fries as a bed for nacho cheese, ground beef, tomatoes and sour cream, with the Bell Grande doubling everything for a dollar more

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