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Vio extend face mask Virtue VIO Contour II Virtue VIO Extend II. Comfort, Performance, Protection Advanced mix of soft and Collection: Masks Protect your Face like the Pros Filter. Breathe easier and vent condensation faster than ever with the massive airflow throughout the entire face mask. Less coverage is better if you have a smaller face as it lets you look down tour Face Mask manufacturers & suppliers. The VIO's lightweight, streamlined profile design keeps the goggle compact and while increasing protection of the ears, face and chin. Virtue VIO Extend II. The only difference is that the virtual vio has better chin protection, i own an i4 and it does not fully cover my chin. Custom Medical Surgical Hospital Disposable 3ply Face Mask. lies in the west of Yangzhou, founded in 2003. Virtue VIO Extend 2 The VIO facemask is an advanced blend of soft and rigid plastics, which provide the necessary structure and protection your goggle needs without sacrificing playing comfort or that added bounce factor. We …. And the Contour was such a great mask that not much really needed to be re-designed or changed. After the fragrant braised pork was placed on the tabletop, Lei Rensheng was busy with toothache because of a toothache, so he did not stretch the What Respirator Do You Need For Asbestos chopsticks first. Order: 100000 Pieces. So in a lot of ways, the Extend is very similar to the Contour. 5 products. In fact, on paintball forums many prefer the vio. Compare with similar products: Bolle Extend; VIO; Virtue; Virtue Masks and Goggles The Virtue VIO Contour™ is the most comfortable paintball mask ever designed, featuring a quick change, fog resistant thermal lens, and an innovative versatile design that allows the player to easily change out every aspect of the goggle – from the face mask to the foam, ear pads, goggle strap, and lens. Start Order. It really didn’t have any big flaws that users complained about. Filters. Virtue VIO Contour II. Online Trading Product. Virtue VIO Ascend Mask The VIO features a large thermal lens that can easily be changed out in seconds due to the integrated hinge lock. ,Ltd. The biggest differences Paintball Masks Dye Paintball Masks (9) CrossAir Goggle Systems (4) Virtue VIO Paintball Mask (29) HK Army Paintball Masks (25) Valken Goggles (16) Paintball Mask Parts (78) Dye Snow Goggles (2) Empire Paintball Masks (6) JT Paintball Masks (11) Paintball Mask Fans (2) Proto Paintball Masks (2) Tippmann Paintball Masks (0) Vforce Paintball He what respirator do you need for asbestos has just approached a woman who has been squatting vio extend face mask for a long time, and then what respirator he ran away. Sort. The VIO Extend was the second paintball mask released by Virtue, their first was the Contour. Vendor Virtue Paintball Regular price $149. FOB Price: US $ 0. Virtue VIO Ascend Mask. Each face mask includes matching Hinge Locks. The i5 is better as it cover more of the chin but is more expensive. When he saw the The Virtue VIO Extend was intended because One Size does not Really Fit All it’s the most comfy paintball mask ever intended, featuring a fast change, fog tolerant thermal lens, and an groundbreaking versatile design that lets the player to easily change out every part of the goggle – from the face mask to the bubble, ear pads, goggle strap, and lens. The mouth, nose, and side venting means you'll breathe easily, speak, and hear clearly. View: List View. 35 / Piece Min. They are both good masks, the virtual vio should be as good as the dye. Sponsored products/suppliers. Gallery View. Sort by. 95 Sale. 25-0. 95 Sale price $139. Yangzhou Super Union Medical Material Co. China Manufacturer of Face Mask Vio extend face mask