“Soha Agreen Tech”:

“Soha Agreen Tech” Company is working as a specialized company in the fields of production and distribution of necessary additives in poultry and livestock industry. The aim of the founders of this company is supplying products based on scientific principles. Therefore,  the R&D Department of the company has been established in order to study  and satisfy the scientific and practical needs of the consumers.

All the products which are offered by this company are analyzed by authorized private and university laboratories.

“Soha Agreen Tech” company is, at present, the central sales office for the sodium bicarbonate produced by  Mashad PTP (Petro Tarh Pars) Corporation. Other products provided by this company include “Romak MR calf milk replacer”, “Romak Extra calf milk supplement”, “Romak V” (whey protein), “Nutris food supplement”, “Litho and Imperial corn protein” produced by Cargill Company.

“Soha Agreen Tech” Company has prioritized the technical know-how, innovation, broad distribution network, and respecting of the clients as its main commitments.



The company “Morghaneh” has started its activities in poultry industry since 2005, and has always been trying to heighten the qualitative and managerial levels of poultry farms by innovating and optimizing of the system, and using up-to-date scientific theories and sources.

This company is active in these fields: designing the softwares for the management of poultry and livestock farms, designing accounting softwares, IT affairs, designing websites, games, and smartphone softwares.

This team consists of specialists in software engineering, industrial engineering, financial affairs, and poultry industry, and it tries to produce and present an effective system by combining the specialists’ knowledge, the seniors’ experience, and youths’ energy.

 ” Iran’s Company of Egg –Paper Case “:

This Iranian company that makes honeycombed boards for transporting eggs  has begun its work by installing and manufacturing modern machinery since 1999.

These pieces of modern equipment were  completely designed and manufactured by highly qualified Iranian engineers, using modern technology and indigenous design. One of the advantages of this equipment is its rather high production rate (20 honeycombed boards per minute) and satisfactory product quality.

“Shaneh Iran” (the Iranian egg honeycombed boards company), which lies on a 15000-sqaure-meter piece of land including 1400 square meters of indoor space and  a greater-than-600-square- meter roofed storehouse with both low and high roofs, has ample facilities for the production of the best-quality cardboard containers. enough space and the managers’ all-out attempts has provided the company with the raw materials and facilities enough for incessant production of a variety of items throughout the year. presently, the company exports items to the Middle East and Central Asian nations on large scales.

it is worth mentioning that the company has the capacity to manufacture various kinds of cardboard containers with different types of molds to the customer’s order. The R&D Department of the company has been conducting a wide range research on the production of different types of waterproof containers, and if God will, we will witness the realization of the aims of this project and the production of such products.


“Fajr Omid Iranian”:

“Mohsenian Industrial Agricultural Group” has beem active in business since 1961.

With over 40 years of practical experience in the fields of exporting and importing products such as soybean,sorghum, wheat, barley, sesame, and oil, this company is one of the well established business poles in the markets of our country, Iran.


In the year 2005, this group decided to keep on its business as a new company titled “Fajr Omid Iranian”, which works in the business field in line with the activities of the ex-Mohsenian company.

“MorgheTak” Company:

This company was officially registered in the year 1973 with the aim of establishing an agro-industrial conglomerate and doing domestic and international business.

following the purchase of the land and winning the necessary permissions for building up a livestock and poultry farm in the year 1975, and regarding the needs of the time and economic priorities, the preliminary steps were taken for establishing a poultry farm with the capacity of 1000000 egg laying chickens and 300000 … … and cultivating operation were started in the purchased lands (covering an ares of about 140 hectares).

This company is presently recognized as one of the greatest egg provision centers in Iran.

This complex is also equipped with a fish farm and greenhouse for growing greenhouse plants.



This company was registered in Teheran in 1971 as a construction company.


The company “Tose’eh Sanat Khaneman” with experienced engineers and other staff members, and with a record of working over 40 years in manufacturing various concrete blocks and constructing different types of official, business, and residential buildings, is ready to offer services to the society of Ieanian engineers.

since the year 1981,  “Khaneman” Company has embarked on manufacturing prefabricated concrete blocks and establised the block manufacturing factory on a 24000-square-meter land in the city of Qazvin.

At present, the company is well known in Iran as one of the hubs of manufacturing all concrete and prestressed industrial items, and different types of shingles and wire netting sheets.

Modern and up to date equipment used in this factory has helped manufacturing the highest quality blocks, which meet all the srandatds of the construction field.
“Mohsenian Industrial and Agricultural Group”

This organization was founded by “Mohsenian Industrial and Agricultural Group”  in 1998 with the intention of doing and organizing charitable activities.

This organization is mainly active in the arena of education in the deprived areas.

Accordingly, the organization started “Valiasr Agricultural Technical School” in the city of Qazvin. This school, which is supervised by Iranian Organization of Technical and Vocational Education, is teaching theoretical and practical agriculture and horticulture to Iranian youths.


“Arshin Tech”:


This company, relying on the decades of “Mohsenian Group” active role in the construction industry, was founded to undertake facade designs and decorations. Arshin Tech is experienced in designing facades in both classical and post modern styles and combining different materials, besides  interior and exterior design.

Moreover, the company works in the fields of reconstruction or refurbishment of various buildings including the residential, official, and villa ones on a broad range.