Soha Agreen Tech has launched its activities in the field of additives and supplements, equipment and consulting in animal husbandry and veterinary since 2004 with Specialists active nearly 14 years in this industry.

Company specializing in the production and distribution of additives required in the livestock and poultry industry and is active to produce and distribute kinds of additives in Iran’s market effectively.

The purpose of Company’s founders is to work based on scientific principles and data, accordingly Research and Development Department of this company   has been established to evaluate the scientific and practical needs and the needs of consumers.

All products offered in the company would be analyzed by accredited and academic laboratories and, then will be offered into the market relying on the information.

Soha Agreen Tech is sales central office for bicarbonate soda of Petro Tarh-E- Pars Mashhad Company.

The products of this company include calf milk replacer Romak, calf milk supplement Romak M.P ,Extra Romak calf milk supplement  (whey protein), Natrys supplements, disinfectants of  milking parlor.

Soha Agreen Tech company work based on technical knowledge, innovation, extensive distribution network and customer reverence as their commitment.


۱-ActiSaf (BioSaf)

۲-Soda Bicarbonate (PETRO TARH- E- PARS Brand)


۴- Disinfectants of milking parlor (Pernasyd F1)

“Soha Agreen Tech” company is, at present, the central sales office for the sodium bicarbonate produced by Mashad PTP (Petro Tarh Pars) Corporation. Other products provided by this company include “Romak MR calf milk replacer”, “Romak Extra calf milk supplement”, “Romak V” (whey protein), “Nutris food supplement”, “Litho and Imperial corn protein” produced by Cargill Company.

“Soha Agreen Tech” Company has prioritized the technical know-how, innovation, broad distribution network, and respecting of the clients as its main commitments.